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How it got started: Left hand drive specialist is an aspect of Koka Reeves Limited registered as a limited liability company in 2020. We started in retail sales of electronics and hardware equipments before diversifying into auto-mobile and entertainment services. We have been in operation since 1992, originally under sole trading flagship. We specialize in motor trading and provide delivery services to customers for all general car parts , left hand drive auto-mobile products, car conversion requirements, electrical and digital components, ECU OEM units, vehicle computer chips, various types of left hand drive and right hand drive left headlights, including most car makes and models  . Our prices are competitive in comparison with registered retail market price. In line with our policy we provide good customer service care by  giving open, honest and genuine information in accordance with the principle of fair trade. Our products are carefully selected from a wide range of sources within the auto-mobile global market.  We assist with vehicle documentation, export trading, freight, shipping and other specified required maintenance services.